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Tantric massage is one way of expressing one's feelings. A man and a woman learn to trust each other, give attention and enjoy their partner, gratefully accept what a loved one does. Tantric therapy for men is a one or two hours session, during which we are engaged in improving the body and spirit. The lady will start with a relaxing body massage, during which she will use a variety of massage techniques, which consist of gentle strokes and helps energetically open the body. During the session, the girl will release the emotions accumulated below the chest and abdomen. It is very good for emotional release and it helps to start the movement of sexual energy through the body. During the Tantra massage, the provider will also use the technique of marma massage, which means that she will work on various points of intersection of the energy channels in the body. The last part of the therapeutic session is Lingam massage. Before you start practice, you need to talk with your partner. Not every person is ready to open and relax so much. It may take time for your partner to accept this. As soon as the agreement is received, you can start. Massage Lingam helps men to reveal their masculinity and sexuality. With the help of Lingam massage (penis in Sanskrit), men can achieve better control over their sexual energy and sexual desire. When a man starts to approach orgasm, we slow down, repeating this procedure during the session several times, men can significantly increase the time to orgasm. It also helps in solving problems with premature ejaculation. Improves blood circulation in the genital organs, therefore, the erection becomes stronger. During the session, men can also experience the energy orgasm of the whole body. Lingam massage also helps with stress and depression.
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